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Leadership and Ohio State University Leadership and Ohio State University 7 July Leadership Behavior approaches and identification of leader relationships and group processes were researched and tested in the Michigan Leadership Studies of patana homework database statement or set of ideas that explains observed the essays magazine ohio university or phenomena, or which sets out the laws and principles of something known or observed; a hypothesis confirmed by observation, experiment.

A different perspective to trait theory for leadership is to consider what leaders actually do as opposed to their underlying characteristics.

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By the late s researchers became less concerned the essay magazine ohio university identifying individual traits of leadership and started to be more interested in leadership behaviours. A number of models and theories have been developed to explore this. One approach focusing on the behavior of Grading system thesis chapter 2 Task-oriented behaviours facilitate goal accomplishment and help group members to achieve their the essays magazine ohio university. Relationships-oriented behaviours help subordinates feel comfortable with themselves, with each other, and the essay magazine ohio university the situation in which they find themselves.

The central purpose of the style approach is to explain how leaders combine these two kinds of behaviors to influence subordinates in their efforts to reach a goal Northouse,p. Many studies have been conducted to investigate the style approach: AdairLikert and Mintzberg identified: Leaders with an employee orientation showed genuine concern for interpersonal relations.

Those with a production orientation focused on the task or technical aspects of the job. The conclusion of the Michigan studies was that an employee orientation and general instead of close supervision yielded better results.

A series of studies at the University indicated that two clusters of behaviours had an important role in successful leadership.

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Initiating Structure — organizing work, organizing and defining relationships or the essays magazine ohio university, establishing well-defined patterns of organisation, channels of communication, and ways of getting jobs done. Consideration — building friendship, mutual trust, respect and camaraderie Northouse,p.

Initiating structure behaviours were essentially task behaviours and consideration behaviours were relationship behaviours. The Ohio State University studies viewed these two behaviours as cover letter for higher education jobs and independent.

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